Best Hollywood Movie Songs

hollywood movie songs

The best movies are the ones with a well-thought-out plot that excites our imagination and engages us from the title screen to the credits. You also need talented actors who can fit in with what’s happening onscreen. Meanwhile, costumes play an important role too. However, not many people pay attention to background music. These Hollywood movie songs play just as much of a pivotal part in keeping you hooked during these thrilling moments. 

If you’re in the mood to reminisce about your favorite movies and scenes, listen up. Certain songs will instantly remind us of the film they were featured in and the scenes they helped set. Here’re a few iconic musical moments:

“Don’t You (Forget About Me)” in The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club has five teenagers confront their stereotypes and bond together. John Bender (Judd Nelson) aggressively pumps his fist into the air during a football game at some point throughout this film. When he does, it’s impossible not to have flashbacks from this iconic 80s movie.

“Stayin’ Alive” in Saturday Night Fever 

hollywood movie songs

After strutting around Brooklyn to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive,” John Travolta’s Tony Manero made a lasting impression on moviegoers.

“Kiss Me” in She’s All That

Sixpence None the Richer’s “Kiss Me” was a catchy, upbeat song that hit Number One on Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks in 1999. It is best known as being sung by Rachael Leigh Cook at her character’s elegant staircase reveal after plastic surgery.

“Eye of the Tiger” in Rocky

hollywood movie songs

Listening to specially selected music can help you with your workout. Rocky’s training montage and this song are perfect for when you need that extra push, especially if they’re challenging gym sessions.

“(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” in Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is a classic, but most of it’s seen through the eyes and perspective of Baby. The film peaks at this moment in time when she finally gets to dance with Johnny one last time for them while “The Time Of My Life” plays overhead.

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“Maniac” in Flashdance

hollywood movie songs

Maniac by Michael Sembello is the song that seduced us all into this movie. Jennifer Beals is taping up her foot and then working up a sweat while rehearsing her routine. It’s arguably one of the most iconic Hollywood movie songs ever, won’t be soon forgotten.

“In Your Eyes” in Say Anything

You know how in the ’80s, people loved to sing along with their favorite songs on a boom box? Well, John Cusack did that before in “In Your Eyes,” and it was incredible.

“Take My Breath Away” in Top Gun

The tension between Charlie and Maverick finally gave way as this song played in the background. “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin caused a shift for both of them, which would change their lives forever.

“I Say a Little Prayer” in My Best Friend’s Wedding

hollywood movie songs

In the 1997 film My Best Friend’s Wedding, Julia Roberts’ character is so despicable that it was hard to find anything redeeming in her. But when she sings during brunch with Rupert Everett and other wedding guests on a Sunday morning, we see some of what makes this movie great.

“Unchained Melody” in Ghost

As soon as you see the film Ghost, one of your favorite songs will be Unchained Melody. Unsurprisingly, this song has been used time and again in popular culture to set up passionate scenes.

“My Heart Will Go On” in Titanic

hollywood movie songs

Singing the titular song of Titanic evokes flashbacks from Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet carrying on their love affair on the doomed ship. The lyrical version doesn’t play in the film. Still, an instrumental version plays throughout the entire movie, including the drawing scene.

“Footloose” in Footloose

The song depicts a story of teen rebellion and redemption set in the 80s. Kenny Loggins’ Footloose still gets feet tapping decades later, even if it is hard to keep up with Kevin Bacon on screen.

“Tiny Dancer” in Almost Famous

hollywood movie songs

Almost Famous tells the story of a journalist, William Miller. This Elton John’s song brought everyone together at the end of the film when they sang along with him as he performed “Tiny Dancer.”

“Moon River” in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The iconic Audrey Hepburn is the only person who could have made “Moon River” memorable. The song provided some depth to her larger-than-life character, Holly Golightly. On top of a fire escape, she sang that few actresses would dare climb up in fear they may fall, but not this fearless woman with grace like no other.

“Lose Yourself” From 8 Mile

hollywood movie songs

Eminem’s breakout song, “Lose Yourself,” is a fitting anthem for the hit film 8 Mile. A struggling rapper in Detroit, Eminem deftly tackles issues like race and poverty with his lyrics. Meanwhile, he showcases some awe-inspiring rapping skills of his own.

What are your favorite picks from these Hollywood movie songs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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