5 Facts You Never Knew About Vinyl Records.


Vinyl records have been around for over a century and are still used in the music industry today. This material has been deemed necessary among DJs, audiophiles, and everyday listeners alike looking for something more human than digital tunes. Here you can find five vinyl facts that will make you love records even more.

The first Vinyl Record ever made.

vinyl records

The First vinyl record ever created was by RCA Victor in 1931. It was a 12″ recording of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra performing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

Vinyl Record sent to Space?!

The Voyager Golden Records were included aboard the Voyager spacecraft launched into space in 1977. These records include sounds and images to introduce any would-be aliens here on earth. Tracks on these recordings include pieces by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and rock classics like Johnny B Goode and Chuck Berry, which are everyone’s favorites. Who knows if we’ll ever hear an alien’s rendition or not?

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The Myth of Coloured Vinyl

vinyl records

Colored vinyl is not as good quality as black or transparent vinyl. Back in the day, adding color to production processes caused more hiss and reduced audio quality. However, increased demand for colored records has led manufacturers to improve their process, thus reducing sound degradation. Coloured LP’S are still less desirable because some people still think that black or transparent records offer a better listening experience since they’re quieter.

The Most Expensive Vinyl Record Ever Sold

vinyl records

Wu-Tang Clan’s “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” had only one copy ever made. The double LP comes housed in two handcrafted nickel-silver boxes that took 3 months to complete. This record posits the highest achievement for every artist or creator who wants creative, physical ownership over their work. The contract left the buyer with a tough decision. They may not be able to sell or make money from their purchase for 100 years, but they can distribute it freely during that time. Martin Shkreli repurchased this record when he ran his company at $2 million, only convicted on securities fraud charges. He also faced an additional sentence of 20 years imprisonment.

The World’s Biggest Record Collection.

Brazillian businessman José Roberto Alves Freitas has one of the world’s most expensive record collections. At 8 million records strong, his collection would be hefty for any collector. Yet, this man is a living legend in the music industry with an unmatched reputation. He now gets offers from other collectors and even can employ assistants to help maintain it. We’re guessing there are some duplicates too. There have also been many rare finds amongst all these albums that still need cataloging by his team.

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