5 Musical Instruments For Kids

musical instruments kids

Music is proven to be a fun and beneficial activity. Studies show that music can help children become better listeners, work through conceptual reasoning challenges in new ways, and engage both sides of the brain. The benefits don’t stop when your child graduates from school. They last their whole life. Considering adding music into your home? Here are five musical instruments you can get your kids to start with:

The Xylophone

musical instruments kids

Playing the xylophone is an easy way to introduce children to music. The instrument comes in various colours and shapes that will catch their eye, making it easier for them to learn how the song goes with just one glance.

Hand Percussion

Hand percussion instruments are easy for children to play because they can use their hands and immediately start making music. Playing these instruments helps with coordination, teaches rhythm skills, and is an excellent way to make noise in the classroom. Moreover, these instruments help kids with their hand-eye coordination and teach them how to keep a steady beat.


musical instruments kids

Playing the piano has been proven to improve concentration, reduce stress and anxiety levels, and increase self-esteem. Fine motor skills are also improved in pianists of all ages.

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You can’t help but smile while playing the ukulele! Play with your child, and you’re guaranteed to get smiles. The instrument is easy for kids, inexpensive, and provides a great way to improve hand-eye coordination as they play songs in just weeks or days.


musical instruments kids

While a drum set might not be the quietest instrument, it is one of the most popular and versatile ones. Parents need to ask themselves if they want their child to have access just to this fun musical toy. Although some parents may think that kids will get bored quickly or even hurt themselves with all those drums, these children are often enthralled by what they can do on them – especially when nobody else in the class has something like it. There are also plenty of ways to dampen sounds from an acoustic drum kit, so noise isn’t as much an issue anymore.

Which of these musical instruments will you let your kids play? Tell us in the comments section below.

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