Popular Musical Instruments

popular musical instruments

The power of music can never go underestimated. It transcends language, culture, race, or religious barriers, giving us the ability to express emotions. But what makes music so influencing? It’s simply the amalgamation of lyrics (if any), composition, and musical instruments that create those evoking symphonies. Musicians use different types of instruments to put that magic into their songs. Below are the 8 most popular musical instruments which can set off an emotional spark in every song played by them:

Electronic Piano

The piano is one of the most versatile instruments. It can play classical, jazz, and modern music alike with a level of mastery incomparable to any other musical device. The electronic version was engineered in such a way as to provide an equally satisfying experience without sacrificing quality. Some even say it’s just better than playing the acoustic one. With this gem from our digital age, you’ll be able to record your compositions or songs for later playback at home.

Bass Guitar

popular musical instruments

The bass guitar is a stringed instrument with many features similar to those of an electric. However, the main difference lies in its elongated neck, and six strings instead of the four found on most electrics. To play this instrument requires plucking or strumming its strings using one’s fingers or thumb. This makes it easier than other 6-string instruments for beginners who don’t know how to play yet. Typically, musicians use bass guitars in jazz fusion music (combining elements from different genres).


popular musical instruments

The saxophone is a brass instrument with a mouthpiece. Adolphe Sax invented it in 1840 with its first version made of wood instead of metal. The tool contributes to many different types of music like classical, military bands, or jazz. What sets it apart from other instruments is its expansive variety of sound and dynamics that allow players to express their creativity and display different styles.

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The flute is a woodwind instrument that changes sound pitch when you open and closes different holes on its body. It has a short build-up as compared to other musical instruments. The instrument’s popularity reached its highest peak during the 19th century when it was used for religious services, military music, and even marching bands. Its mechanism combined with unmatched melody is what makes this instrument so popular among listeners. Flute lovers believe that the melodies of this sweet-sounding instrument have magical powers allowing one to find peace during difficult times. Flutes are known to soothe troubled hearts with gentle tunes perfect for performing solo and playing alongside others instruments. 

Electric Guitar

popular musical instruments

The electric guitar is the perfect instrument for aspiring rock stars. The original design was created in 1931 and has since evolved to become a significant part of today’s famous music scene. It has six strings which give you more flexibility than an acoustic guitar. With electric guitars, you have freedom when choosing what chords or notes to play. Additionally, these guitars are usually lighter, making them easier on your fingers after hours of playing.


Drums are the percussion family of popular musical instruments. To play the drum requires striking them with a mallet or hand, depending on the type used (i.e., tympanum). The different types include single drums and multiple drums, making up the “drum set.” Drummers use these for live performances to accompany other musicians in their ensemble’s soundscape and soloists who play without an orchestra.


popular musical instruments

Violins are typically bigger than violas and cellos but have the same four strings. They’re most often used in folk music. The violin is played with a bow though it can be plucked using fingers and some more exciting sounds. It’s usually placed between the chin and shoulder. The player gets that perfect sound from both hands working together on one instrument. The wide variety of music genres like jazz, classical, and rock are incomplete without this fantastic instrument. It has an attraction in its sound that grabs listeners’ attention with ease.

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