Romantic Songs Of The Early 2000s

romantic songs 2000s

Back in the early 2000s, love songs were all over the place, and for a good reason. For these prosperous times to come about, we have factors like iPods and YouTube along with GarageBand to thank. When it comes down to making a list of the best love songs from this period is difficult because there are so many great ones. However, some deserve more recognition include Enrique Iglesias’s “Hero,” Alicia Keys’ “My Boo”- these are just some examples. Below, we have shortlisted some of the best romantic songs from the early 2000s. 

“She Will Be Loved,” by Maroon 5

romantic songs 2000s

It’s an ode to a girl who doesn’t care that she isn’t perfect or popular. Instead, she has been loved unconditionally by her family and friends. And most importantly – herself! 

“Hero,” by Enrique Iglesias

This song is a classic love story: a man saving his damsel in distress. It’s more than just that, though. The song also captures the willingness to stand with your loved one through thick and thin. 

“Crazy In Love,” by Beyoncé feat. Jay Z

romantic songs 2000s

This song has the power to excite anyone who listens instantly. The iconic couple never disappoints with their music either. “Crazy In Love” debuted at number one on Billboard’s list of Hot 100 Songs for five consecutive weeks following its release. 

“Bleeding Love,” by Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis likely didn’t intend this song to turn into a period joke. However, the track provides an excellent description of the intensity and ferocity that love can bring about.

“Love Story,” by Taylor Swift

romantic songs 2000s

Taylor Swift captures the essence of young love in this popular song. You can feel her longing for an impossible romance as she tries to make sense out of a situation that is too good and complicated to be true.

“Home,” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

“Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is a song with good vibes. The dialogue part will never lose its cute novelty, no matter how many times you give it a listen. This catchy tune makes you keep coming back for more.

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“Angel,” by Shaggy feat. Rayvon

romantic songs 2000s

Shaggy’s “Angel” is one of the most romantic love songs ever, with its lyrics from a time where 2000s slang was in full swing. Even today, it still holds its own as a lovely song about being close to someone who means so much more than any other person can. 

“You’re Beautiful,” by James Blunt

This beautiful tune tells their story of falling deeply into love with someone whose name they don’t know. What’s known is how this idea makes them feel like anything could happen between two people – even if only once, or maybe never. 

“My Boo” by Usher feat. Alicia Keys

romantic songs 2000s

This song has been a favorite for years and now with TikTok. It’s gone viral with people showing their pets who had grown up over time or even when they were tiny kittens just being born into this world. 

“Kiss Me Thru The Phone,” by Soulja Boy

Kiss Me Thru is the perfect song for this generation. Raise your hand if you’ve felt like it has been way too long since the last time you kissed someone IRL.

“I’m Yours,” by Jason Mraz

romantic songs 2000s

Are your Beach days ready? Get your groove on with “I’m Yours.” The song will take you to the loving mental space of pure beach bliss.

“A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton

This song is an absolute classic and one of the best songs ever written, in our opinion (and we’re not alone). But if it’s too modern for your taste, then try some “Amazing Grace.” For those who are really into this kinda thing, there’s always “Free Bird!”

“You and Me,” by Lifehouse

romantic songs 2000s

It’s hard to keep track of when you’re drowning in sorrow, no matter how warped your sense of time maybe. The lyrics “What day is it / And in what month?” hit close at the moment and make for a perfect soundtrack on your good cry or bad cry sesh. 

“A Moment Like This,” by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s 2004 hit single “A Moment Like This” served as the perfect wedding song and has become a long-standing classic.

“Everything,” by Michael Bublé

romantic songs 2000s

A Michael Bublé song might be just what you need when stress begins to seep in. The slow tempo and soothing lyrics sound like an embrace from a loved one telling us everything will work out for the best.

What is your favorite pick from our list of romantic songs from the early 2000s? Let us know in the comments section below.

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