5 Ways To Sell Vinyl Records For Cash.


If you have an impressive collection of vinyl records, then it may be time to cash in on your valuable assets. There are some tried and true ways that people can use. We will share our knowledge so you, too, can become expert sellers for your collections. Keep reading as we highlight 5 ways you can sell your vinyl records for cash. 

Record Stores

vinyl records for cash

One of the most lucrative ways to sell your vinyl records is by bringing them in person to record or music stores near you. Record store owners will often buy used vinyl at a deep discount and resell it for much more. They cater items specifically towards new collectors and long-time enthusiasts looking for rarities.


Music lovers all over the world sell their collections on eBay to make a quick buck. It seems like every city has its own vinyl record seller nowadays, and people are grabbing up anything to build their collections. If you have some old records just collecting dust around your house, then it might be worth putting them out on eBay.

It’s important to keep shipping costs and selling fees in mind when pricing albums. These types of expenses will affect your bottom line profit. Use eBay’s options wisely to market your vinyl records. 

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vinyl records for cash

Discogs is the perfect place for any music enthusiast to explore, buy and sell their favourite albums. For those looking to unload some of their old CDs or vinyl records from decades past, this site offers a quick way to find buyers. Sellers can easily upload photos and descriptions about an item they are selling before listing it on Discog’s marketplace. Potential customers can access information such as pricing details and reviews left by others who have purchased in the past.

The website charges you an 8% selling fee. Still, there is a minimum $10 charge if your item doesn’t sell within 60 days of being listed on the site. You can set any price as needed to determine how much profit will be generated from each sale. Discogs offers suggestions by default that work well with various genres of music.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are a great place to find vinyl records and other nostalgic items. You can set up your own table or booth, determine the prices on vinyl records you’re selling, and start making money. Flea markets typically last for 3-6 days, but some malls will host permanent flea market spaces. There you can leave your unsold goods with an employee. The best way to get people interested in your vinyl is by bringing a wide range of records for them to look at. 

Old Bookstores

vinyl records for cash

Who doesn’t love used bookstores? They’re a great place to sell your records, too. Stores like Half Price Books often buy vinyl so they can resell it and make some extra money. Note that when selling your albums at stores such as these, you won’t get as much for them- but there’s nothing wrong with having less if it’s just to help out an old bookstore or something.

When you sell to a store, you take your money and leave. You don’t have to bear with the hassles of listings or waiting for sales at all.

Do you know any other place for selling vinyl records? Let us know in the comments section below.

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