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Amidst the pandemic, Vinyl records have made a sudden comeback in the music industry. The early 2020s brought vinyl sales surpassing CDs for the first time since 1984 by $102 million. This new trend has been sweeping through, with hipsters now embracing these once retro discs becoming popular than ever before. The sound quality of vinyl is incomparable with any other form of media available on the market. Below are 5 reasons why Vinyl Records are trending and still rising. 

Sound of vinyl

trending vinyl records

The sound of vinyl is far better than that found on digital content. It produces a more accurate and authentic representation of music, providing an improved listening experience for listeners. Compared to the compressed files, vinyl sounds much closer to its original form with no lossy effect whatsoever.

Diverse audiophiles

The millennial generation is mainly responsible for the resurgence of long-playing records. Earlier, people used to store vinyl albums in decades past, which has likely influenced young people’s choice over CDs. In addition, those still collecting vinyl have never stopped after years of enjoying them as a hobby. It’s all because finding old familiar songs rejuvenate days from youth gone by.

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Hold and own a vinyl

It can be a thrill to find the album art you’ve been looking for finally. Yet, it feels different when you physically hold an LP in your hands and know that it is yours. Digital music platforms may only last as long as they’re alive, making them less valuable than something physical.

The vinyl experience

trending vinyl records

The experience of going to a record store is like entering a wonderland that you never want to leave. You will spend hours rummaging through stacks and reminiscing memories from album covers while asking people around for their opinions on what they should buy, making friends with them along the way. The listening part is just as unique, starting with bringing the vinyl out of its case, followed by setting up the turntable. The record is then placed on top before putting the turntable’s needle onto the groove. All that’s left is to sit comfortably in a classic bean bag chair or couch with a drink close at hand (preferably some frothy concoction) and allow music to echo throughout the room.

Value of vinyl

trending vinyl records

The vinyl album is worth approximately 3 times as much as a CD for the same song. But it’s not just about how many songs you get with your purchase: artists from Queen to Elvis Presley have been re-released on this format only in limited quantities. If handled properly, they can be considered an investment because these albums will increase their value over time due to demand.

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