Top 10 Musical Movies Of All Time


There’s nothing catchier and melodic than an old-fashioned Hollywood soundtrack. Who could resist some unique tap dance or a heartwarming ballad? Musical movies have been around since the invention of cinema itself in 1927 with “The Jazz Singer” starring Al Jolson. Despite the past ups and downs, biopics like Straight Outta Compton and Hamilton have brought a great revival. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite cinematic renditions in no particular order. These 10 greatest musicals will have your tapping toes in no time.

The Sound of Music (1965)

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Julie Andrews is the perfect, dutiful governess who wins over her children’s hearts and staff in this epic musical film. Set during World War II, she manages to create a happy family dancing their way through life with songs like “My Favorite Things” or “Do-Re-Mi.”

La La Land (2016)

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La La Land is the most romantic movie to come out in a long time. Not only does it have a fantastic soundtrack, but there are incredible dance numbers and performances by Ryan Gosling. Talk about the stunning ending of this beautiful film; it’s hard not to fall in love with this melodrama.

Les Misérables (2012)

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Les Misérables is a 2012 musical film adaptation of the famous Victor Hugo novel and stage play. The story spans decades, following characters from all different social backgrounds as they try to find themselves in 19th century France. The movie has everything – an epic multi-character storyline, actual live performances by its cast members (including Hugh Jackman), and enough tearjerker moments.

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Grease (1978)

It’s hard to deny the powerhouse that is ‘Grease.’ With a cast fit for royalty and karaoke favourites (“You’re The One That I Want”), this joyous musical movie is one of the most enduringly popular musical movies so far.

Mama Mia! (2008)

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The Academy Award-winning Mamma Mia! is a perfectly lighthearted and entertaining film for all ABBA fans. It features some of their most iconic, infectious songs, including “Dancing Queen.” If you’re not okay with just one movie, the sequel will surely exceed your expectations as well.

Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Set in bohemian Paris, this film follows the secret romance of a young writer and cabaret actress. It features modern artists such as Madonna to make it vibrant. It has classics like Elton John and The Police for variety.

Annie (1982)

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This enchanting musical will remind you that “the sun always rises tomorrow.” It’s a feel-good movie about orphan Annie, who is chosen to live at the home of America’s richest billionaire. She embarks on a mission to find her parents and meets interesting people along the way.

My Fair Lady (1964)

You’ll be captivated by Audrey Hepburn in this modern-day Cinderella story having you feel like royalty. In the film, Eliza Doolittle transforms from a working-class flower girl with a unique Cockney accent to one of society’s most refined and polished members.

Chicago (2002)

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This is the story of a woman framed for murder and her quest to prove her innocence. Chicago has six Academy Awards, including Best Picture. From Renee Zellweger (the star) and Catherine Zeta-Jones, to “Cell Block Tango,” this movie will take you on a wild ride through Jazz Age America.

Funny Girl (1968)

Funny girl Barbara Streisand stars as the iconic vaudeville singer Fanny Brice in her first movie debut, Funny Girl. From humble beginnings to Broadway dwellers, this film paints a picture of what it’s like for women during a male-dominated era.

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