Era-Defining Hits – Top 10 Rock Songs From the 90s

90s rock songs

In every decade, rock history always had something new to it. The ‘80s was a time that had plenty of glam metal, but it all went away when alternative rock took over the scene in the early ’90s. The change from glam to grunge evident in 90s rock songs is something we’ll never forget.

The Alternative Revolution of the 1990s offered new ways to experience and enjoy vibes. It had lyrics like “Knocked down don’t count on me” from Alanis Morrisette’s album Jagged Little Pill. Some bands emerged after this revolution such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Outkast, or Beck. These bands have indeed seen popularity both during their time and even now some decades later.

Coming to the crux of this article, it features a diverse number of ‘90s rock songs. If you’re someone who’s savvy about old music, these songs will hype you up.

TLC – “No Scrubs” (1999)

With their quick-witted rhymes and creative production, TLC’s smash hits are unforgettable. The Atlanta trio of rap superstars had a way with words that will be remembered for generations to come. Their song “No Scrubs” takes on public harassment on the streets, giving off the message that humans can be better than this.

Liz Phair – “Fuck and Run” (1993)

This song testifies about expendable boys with a voice as witty and true today as it was in the 90s. Boys only want love if they’re being tortured instead of respected for who they are. The same old story is that girls don’t get told “I like you” unless there’s pain involved. However, this song shows us how to be strong enough on our own without needing someone else to hurt them first before telling their feelings.

Pulp – “Common People” (1995)

Jarvis Cocker is the personification of cool. He has more swagger and soul exhaling a puff of smoke than most singers have in their entire catalogs. This proves just how great his song really is. His voice carries an incredible amount of sexiness, sarcasm, and despair in Common People.

Missy – “Misdemeanor” Elliott – “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” (1997)

The duo who stole the decade together warps a Seventies R&B sample into a long, sweaty Southern night. Crickets chirping and storm clouds rolling in, Missy tries to maintain but she can’t help it. The song is so hot you could fry an egg on its surface.

Pavement – “Gold Soundz” (1994)

The joyous and urgency-filled sound of the song makes you wish that this had been in Pet Sounds. Every guitar twang, every breathy mumble fit into a note-perfect emotional surge.

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Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg – “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” (1992)

90s rock songs

The producer behind this song has been in the business for a long time. He brings his old-school skills to new levels with help from this up-and-coming artist. The bass line is so real that it feels like your car is on hydraulics.

Bikini Kill – “Rebel Girl” (1993)

90s rock songs

Kathleen Hanna, the fierce and iconic frontwoman of Bikini Kill, started a new band with two other girls. The trio decided to go into the studio with Joan Jett for some rock & roll inspiration. They came out with an anthem that should have been played at every protest in 2021. “Rebel Girl” is revolutionary and hard-rocking while being emotional too; its what punk was always meant to be.

Notorious B.I.G. With Mase and Puff Daddy – “Mo Money Mo Problems” (1997)

90s rock songs

The late Notorious B.I.G is known for his robust tone of voice which makes him one of the most iconic rappers to have ever lived in this generation’s memory. This classic became an accidental epitaph as it hit Number One right after he died. Regardless, it made everyone feel like they got a chance at catching that last glimpse before we lost such a legend forever.

Blackstreet – “No Diggity” (1996)

90s rock songs

For those who live in the future, this song is a celebration of what has come to be. It has an innovative mix by Teddy that blends doo-wop influences with Dr. Dre and old-school R&B harmonies. Teddy Riley creates something new out of all these soundtracks we have seen before him. We are lucky for his vision as he takes us into utopia on Earth through music.

Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (1991)

90s rock songs

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” was Kurt Cobain’s challenge to the audience. After all these years, the challenge still stands. The song truly changed the world. Even after the music company tried to stop Kurt’s four cheap chords, he didn’t put up with it and became a legend in our hearts.

Give your feedback about these hits. Comment in the section down below if you know any other rock songs from the 90s.

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