Top 5 weirdest music videos from the 90s.

90s weirdest music videos

The final decade of the 1990s was full of strange things. There were many strange song releases with corresponding visuals like in those old MTV days. You could find Aphex Twin or The Prodigy on just about every channel. There could be intense visual creativity (and probably bad acting), as seen in songs such as “Breathe” and “Dragula.” However, it’s not even close to the actual weirdest music videos from the 90s.

What you’re about to read is something you may not expect. Now, don’t try to find these videos on the Internet. There’s so much variety: surreal ones that start and end weirdly; others that give us only brief flashes of wackiness. So, all of them are worth a watch. Grab your rappel gear because we’ll be taking a climb down into the 90s history, looking at 5 awesomely weird music videos.

Nothing Really Matters – Madonna (1998)

90s weirdest music videos

Madonna’s song and video, “Nothing Really Matters,” is full of strange occurrences. The video opens as we see Madonna in a kung-fu grip on the water-filled plastic bag. The scene seems to contradict her lyrics about nothing really matters. Plus, there is this spastic dancing throughout the music video by Madge herself and other people. They appear to be close friends with her, judging by their hair color. The strangest occurrence has to be those eyebrows permanently raised higher than possible while still looking natural at the same time.

Sock It 2 Me – Missy Elliott & Da Brat (1997)

90s weirdest music videos

Missy poses no stranger to ordinary music videos, including this one from her iconic debut album. The video for “Sock It 2 Me” features lots of green screen action and spacemen figurines shooting laser blasts towards each other. The scene looks like a precursor to what was in store when Missy took over rap with Supa Dupa Fly’s attitude. The following song made even more sense once we saw how she could really get down (with laughs). Yes, it’s weird but then again, so are Hollywood movies where superheroes fight baddies on top skyscrapers. They’re just different kinds of strange until you take them into context and see why they can be good things.

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Groove Is In The Heart – Deee-Lite (1990)

90s weirdest music videos

When you start with the song’s jarring intro, it’s not like we can’t tell there will be something weird happening. But then the song gets progressively more bizarre, like what is “succotash wish”? And don’t even get started on how much fun that psychedelic DJ disco party was. Twirly might as well have been invented for this video because we’re telling you right now; they’ve never looked so good together before in our life.

Thinking of You (I Drive Myself Crazy) – N’SYNC (1997)

The guys from N’SYNC are a little off their rocker in this 90s music video. They’re all dressed up like crazy people and singing about how they drive themselves crazy when thinking of you. It’s too bad that the boys wouldn’t be allowed to make videos like these nowadays. At least, we’ll always have our memories of some dapper dudes hitting high notes for us on stage or your TV screens back then.

Blue (Da Ba Dee) – Eiffel 65 (1999)

The music video is just as weird, featuring blue alien headbanging with automatic tuning. It sounds like they are mocking the song. The music video was probably released in the 90s when computer graphics were making their way onto screens. At that time, no one knew what to do with them, so we got really cheesy videos like this. Everything from aliens to humans looks fake or pixilated, giving it its “so-bad-it’s good” status.

That’s all for now! Let us know in the comments section what you felt after seeing these weirdest music videos from the 90s.

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