Top Rock Songs Of The 2000s

rock songs 2000s

There’s no question that 2000s rock music is the most diverse of all time. With bands ranging from the 1980s to newer groups, this list has room for everyone and every style. The best songs take many forms. Some are epic ballads, while others have colossal riffs or just catchy tunes you can’t get out of your head. It doesn’t matter what form they come in because these top rock songs from the 2000s will make this and any other decade proud.

Metallica: ‘I Disappear’

Metallica is a heavy metal rock band that famously caught the attention of mainstream audiences in 2000 with their song “I Disappear” for Mission: Impossible II. This track was near the end of Metallica’s transition to more streamlined music.

U2: ‘Vertigo’

U2 entered its third decade as a graceful, melodic band with not so much of the straight-up rock group vibe. But U2 changed that impression a bit with “Vertigo” and one of its most energetic up-tempo songs to date. Edge’s brilliant guitar work has always made this quartet stand out among other groups. 

Deftones: ‘Change (In the House of Flies)’

rock songs 2000s

“What’s even creepier than this Deftones song is the lyrics. Frontman Chino Moreno sings in a whisper as he watches his significant other change into a fly. The lyrics could be just metaphorical; however, how he responds to her is disturbing enough no matter how you want to interpret them.

Linkin Park: ‘In the End’

Linkin Park’s “In the End” is a rap-rock song with vocalist Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda rapping verses on their breakthrough album “Hybrid Theory.” It became one of Linkin Park’s most popular songs from an often criticized genre that defined its sound for much of the decade. However, this exception has stood out as iconic and equally balanced between vocals sung and lyrics spat or recited.

Audioslave: ‘Cochise’

Audioslave is a band that got together when the lead singer of Soundgarden and musicians from Rage Against The Machine came together. “Cochise” creates pure adrenaline as the crew works in perfect unison to create an unforgettable song.

Foo Fighters: ‘All My Life’

rock songs 2000s

Dave Grohl’s 2002 album “One by One” may have caused him some grief, but the song “All My Life,” off of it, became a memorable one. This single starts on an uneasy note before guitars are unleashed in full force.

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Nirvana: ‘You Know You’re Right’

“You Know You’re Right,” which came out only three months after Kurt Cobain’s death, is the last song ever released by the band’s frontman. The song contains all of Nirvana’s hallmarks. It’s a slow verse followed quickly by a loud chorus that enters just as you become accustomed to its first act.

The Raconteurs: ‘Steady, As She Goes’

The Raconteurs released their first single, “Steady As She Goes.” It has a bass line that borrows from Joe Jackson’s song “Is She Going Out With Him (No No My Baby).” The track features guitars and a keyboard, making it undeniably playful. 

Chevelle: ‘Send the Pain Below’

rock songs 2000s

Pete Loeffler sings about his painful relationship in “Send the Pain Below,” which features a powerful, energetic chorus. This song is an anthem for underdogs who always work hard to make their partner happy and get no appreciation or thanks whatsoever.

Seether: ‘Rise Above This’

Shaun Morgan’s vocals are seen soaring sky high throughout “Rise Above This.” He sings about the determination to battle adversity in a way that is unabashedly inspiring.

Slipknot: ‘Psychosocial’

rock songs 2000s

This song is a perfect example of how Slipknot has always made use of metal music. The first time you hear it, the beat might seem too heavy and harsh for your liking. However, over time, one begins to appreciate its raw honesty and unflinching sound, making this album so great in the long run.

Kings of Leon: ‘Use Somebody’

Kings of Leon’s 2008 album “Only by the Night” is widely considered as their breakout work, and for a good reason. A song like “Use Somebody” is a perfect example of what made them popular among the mainstream audience. This elegant and soulful mid-tempo song is about being separated from someone you love.

Velvet Revolver: ‘Slither’

rock songs 2000s

Velvet Revolver’s song “Slither” was built to last. This song features the hard-rock guitar brilliance of Slash and frontman Scott Weiland’s patented lizard-like charisma. The band broke up in 2008 but went out with a bang. It’s one of those rare rock songs from the 2000s which encapsulate everything great about them as musicians and performers.

The White Stripes: ‘Blue Orchid’

Though the White Stripes are known for their straightforward guitar-and-drums rock, it was a surprise when they released this very innovative electro piece in 2005. The vocals sound like distorted “white noise,” and Meg Whites drums never let up on Blue Orchid.

The Hold Steady: ‘Stuck Between Stations

rock songs 2000s

The Hold Steady Craig Finn mixes up the past, present, and future of rock with one awesome song. The energy is reminiscent of early Bruce Springsteen while at the same time adding a new hipness to the lyrics. It may be one of the most euphoric songs ever recorded about young people’s dreams.

These are our top picks for rock songs of the 2000s. Let us know what you think in the comments section down below.

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